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Labor Law & Social Security

Kobaner works in close proximity to the human resources departments of its clients, ensuring that all procedures during the employment process are conducted in compliance with legal regulations from beginning to end, and provides support in redrafting implementations of its clients for their compliance with legislation when necessary.

Some of the services provided by  Kobaner The Labor Lawyer in Istanbul Turkey in the field of Labor and Social Security Law include:




Preparing drafts of collective labor agreements and managing negotiations

  • Resolving termination of contracts and severance issues through litigation or settlement
  • Consultancy on criminal and legal liabilities with regard to occupational accidents and diseases and conducting the required works to fulfil obligations
  • Ensuring the conformity of working environments with legislation in force, especially with regard to health and safety
  • Updating and/or re­drafting employment contracts and related procedures under implementations of the Supreme Court
  • Drafting reports, defence request letters, notices and notifications of termination for each occasion
  • Rendering training services with regard to liabilities arising from Labor Law, Social Security Law and Unemployment Insurance Law
  • Settling disputes with regard to trade union activities.